WebsiteA native of the Midwest, Heidi Mirka has lived in Colorado, Alaska, Florida, Washington D.C., the Pacific NW, Central America, as well as having studied briefly in England.

Travel has been one of two constants in Heidi’s life. The travel has, to some extent, prevented her from focusing on her art; however, it’s been during these travels that she had the opportunity to study with Charlene Hartenstein, Frank Covino and most recently Mary Tudor. It is Tudor’s influence that convinced Heidi to finally ‘get serious’ about the other constant in her life—art.

Heidi is quick to point out that she is still experimenting with images but her artistic tendency is to combine realistic figures blended with stimulating, more abstract backgrounds. She believes that art’s purpose is to move a viewer to feel or see something in a new way—to have the work touch them personally. Heidi accepts this as her challenge—to share what she sees and feels honestly with the hope that viewers have their own visceral response.

Over the years she has hosted numerous art events, titled Artist Open Studios, set in Seattle and Alexandria, VA. She is currently considering where she wants to create a studio so she can resume her painting after a temporary hiatus.

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